"How Big Change Happens" -- an Interview with Christoph Hinske about His Recent Keynote in Venice, Italy

ISC's Christoph Hinske recently gave a keynote speech to the European Green Building Council's BuildUpon meeting in Venice focused on retrofitting all buildings in Europe. The gathering was part of the EU funded BUILD UPON project, the world’s largest collaborative effort on building renovation – bringing together over 1,000 organizations, across 13 countries, at over 80 events in 2016-17.   As leaders focusing on implementing multiple concurrent changes – it is imperative that we understand what drives change and what inhibits it or just drains our energy.

Maureen Metcalf interviewed Christoph on her VoiceAmerica show "Innovative Leaders Driving Thriving Organizations" about the BuildUpon project and what Christoph shared in his keynote, discussing the following:
1. Tell us more about the World GBC project
2. How does your work with agreements increase the probability of successful transformation?
3. What is an agreements map and the cost of scarcity calculation?
4. How does mapping and calculating the cost of agreements drive change?
5. What concrete steps can I take to evaluate my agreements?

You can listen to the interview at (http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/91129/world-gbc-keynote-how-big-change-happens).