Ecosynomics at Berlin Change Days -- in Berlin, Germany

ISC Senior Fellow Christoph Hinske will present a session on "Ecosynomics: Evidence of Collaborative High Performance" at the Berlin Change Days conference, in Berlin, Germany, Oct 31 - Nov 2, 2014.

Why coming to Berlin?
As we say in Berlin… New York is KING and Berlin is KING KONG. Berlin is living love and passion… Berlin is where you hear the most incredible stories... Berlin is where you can learn, create and experiment with new things... With its vivid history, its diversity of people and cultures, its sweep in knowledge and innovation: Berlin is all about CHANGE! Christoph himself is part of this story, born in the GDR, his parents have been in the political opposition and peace movement thus suffering many repressions. After years of psychological pressure, his family escaped to West-Germany 3 years before the fall of the wall.

Why attending the conference?
The Berlin Change Days conference claims to be the emerging global agora for people who are passionate about organizational and personal development. It is a forum where practitioners meet once a year to look at trends, hear about new tools, network and celebrate. It would be great to meet you there.

Why engaging in the workshop?
In this session, we dive into dozens of our scientifically validated cases from all sectors and 90+ countries. The cases range from German industry associations, European strategy consultancies to global networks, small family businesses, individuals as well as major shareholder-driven corporations. The workshop provides evidence and insights for understanding how people design organisations around collaboration-based agreements that outperform classical competition-based entities by far more than just 100% in classical performance indicators. You learn what those groups discovered and developed. You engage with tools and learn key principles that all those groups have in common; they all start from a different initial assumption than economic scarcity. They start with abundance. You also learn to map the costs of scarcity and highlight the monetary benefits of abundance. Ecosynomics, the social science of abundance, explains what "economic-outliers" are learning and how they change all of the rules of the game… often without knowing it.