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Evolution of Underlying Agreements for a National Transformation

by Annabel Membrillo Jimenez, Senior Fellow, Institute for Strategic Clarity, and Global Steward, Vibrancy Ins, and Ruth Rominger, Director of Information and Network Design, Collaborative Networks Initiative, Garfield Foundation

What do you need to be truly collaborative? There are many different answers to this question. In this case, ...

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Seeing “What Is” — The Economics of Abundance

by Jim Ritchie-Dunham, President, Institute for Strategic Clarity

Seeing what is, what we actually have. Versus what we would like to have or what we would like to think we have. What there actually is.

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Guest post — Homo lumens — Where Attention = Love = Energy

by Leslie Ritchie-Dunham, Director of Creative, Vibrancy Insp

The work of Vibrancy is to surface, understand and rethink the underlying agreements of how we, as Homo lumens, recognize and organize ourselves.

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