Vibrancy Is A Choice

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Social Impact

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The Vibrancy Story

Observed Behavior

We have found tens of thousands of groups, organizations, and communities who experience great results and great experiences, every day. At first we thought these groups would be full of very special people, people who were richer, smarter, better educated, and more experienced than everyone else. That is not what we found. We found millions of very normal people; people just like most of us who live very differently than most of us. While most of us seem to experience lots of scarcity, quite often disengaged from our work, these people are very engaged, experiencing abundance. And they have been doing this for years, right there in front of us.

What This Means

This means that we can all live this way. Lots of people are living the life we all want, every day. Having great experiences and achieving great outcomes, sustainably. If these millions of normal people have figured out how, this means that we can too, as individuals, as teams, as organizations, as communities, as the world.

What We Did

We wanted to understand what they were doing, so that we could learn from them and with them, and share with others what they are learning. So we visited dozens of them. We asked hundreds of groups if they wanted this. We developed a survey to help us find many more. Over the past five years, we tried what we had learned with 120 other groups, and we tried it on our own, starting major efforts from these principles.

What We Found

Everyone says they want an abundance of resources, they want to experience higher vibrancy in everything they do, and they want greater harmony in their interactions with others. Friends in England, families in Portugal, foundation program officers in the USA, government officials in Germany, university sustainability leaders in USA, youth ambassadors and township leaders in South Africa, community leaders in Romania, school teachers and administrators in Mexico, Germany, and the USA. They all want the choice for greater vibrancy, every day.

What This Means For You

Vibrancy is a choice. A choice you can make every day. Like the people we are finding around the world, you too can choose your experience and the outcomes you achieve.

To support you in choosing greater vibrancy in your experience and greater impact resilience in your outcomes, we have developed four pathways, depending on how you would prefer to engage.



If you prefer to do it on your own, we provide content about the know why, know what, and know how

You can follow our blog or take the free, online survey. You can become a Certified Ecosynomic Technician or Master.



If you want someone to guide you along the journey, we connect you with guides who will co-invest in that journey with you

We co-invest with you, as an individual or as a group, in processes for choosing the agreements that support the outcomes and experience you know are available to you and the group. Contact us about working with one of our guides from a dozen countries.



If you want to meet like-minded people, we connect you with them

We bring together people working at similar levels of vibrancy and impact resilience to learn with and from each other. Contact us about meeting other people asking the same questions you are.



If you want to learn about what we are learning, you can participate in our research

The Global Initiative to Map Ecosynomic Deviance and Impact Resilience (MEDIR) hosted by the Institute for Strategic Clarity is mapping the social topography of human agreements across the globe, in collaboration with a network of leading universities, practitioners, community leaders, and funders in 12 countries.

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Who Is Exploring This

Meet people leading the way for greater vibrancy across the planet. You can start by connecting with the following people, who steward all Vibrancy activities in their geographical region. Connect with them directly by clicking on their picture.

Jim Ritchie-Dunham

Jim Ritchie-Dunham